5 analytical departments......and 1 training department

  •  Microbiological analysis of water and food products
  •  Chemical analysis of water and milk products
  •  Wines and spirits
  •  Dairy farm milk and livestock foods
  •  Animal health

A team of 60 professionnals

  •  5 agricultural engineers
  •  2 veterinary
  •  3 enologists
  •  32 laboratory technicians
  •  1 metrologist
  •  8 administrative assistants
  •  8 technical and logistic assistants 
  •  1 IT expert

Material resources

  •  Real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
  •  Atomic absorption spectrophotometer
  •  Liquid and gas chromatography
  •  Continuous flow analysers
  •  Fourier transformation infrared analysers
  •  Total Organic Carbon (TOC) meter
  •  Analysers of total microflora in milk
  •  Regular investment in our analytical equipment in adequation with the evolution of the services we offer

Computer resources

  •  LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System)
  •  The control of the data by the LIMS is assured by the verification of the data's integrity, the checking of the calculation programmes, the automatic retrieval of data from the analytical equipment and the exporting of the results in a format exploitable by partner organizations.